Bert Kondruss
Executive Advisor
Keynote Speaker

About me

  • Year of manufacture 1965
  • Divorced (the marriage was good anyway 😃)
  • 1 child


Studied electrical engineering at the University of Stuttgart, graduated as Diplom-Ingenieur (graduate engineer)
Several semesters of business law at the Distance University of Hagen


Areas of work

  • Software development
  • Cyber security

Professional competencies

Strategic and operational management, software development, cybersecurity, information security, business continuity management

Personal competencies

Manager and Entrepreneur. Highly motivated, analytical, and enthusiastic personality with excellent leadership and communication skills. Solution and result oriented.

Special abilities

Structuring topics. Present complex issues in an understandable and logical manner.

My values

Honesty, integrity, responsibility, performance.

Quotes / Statements

The battle of the political systems is being carried into companies via cyber attacks. Companies often just don't suspect it. And the governments largely sits back and declares it a purely corporate responsibility.

When it comes to cybersecurity, vigilance is not enough. We need to become paranoid.

Publications and mentions

Information security / cyber security

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Competitive Intelligence

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Military intelligence / military history

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Events and talks

World Record night at the 9th International Speaker Slam, November 2021

Press release: "After stops in New York, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Vienna, the 9th international Speaker Slam came to the Scherer Studios in Mastershausen in Germany. Participants from 11 countries contested this top-class speaker competition under the eyes of a professional jury.
In a pre-round, 88 speakers from three continents qualified for the final, which took place on two stages and was streamed live worldwide. There, Bert Kondruss wowed the audience with a brilliant speech on the challenges of cybersecurity. His compelling performance was rewarded by the audience with a standing ovation. With this, he won the prestigious Excellence Award and, together with the other finalists, ensured that the night ended with a world record - because a Speaker Slam on two stages has never been seen before."

Bert Kondruss speaker competition 2021 Mastershausen
- Image: Dominik Pfau

Bert Kondruss Speaker Slam 2021 Mastershausen
- Image: Dominik Pfau

Guest on the Expert-Podcast

Here I was on the Expert-Podcast with Selina.

Podcast Bert Kondruss 2021

Interview (2021)

Seminar Competitive Intelligence (2007)

Competitive Intelligence, Verband für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft Niedersachsen e.V.



Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Bert Kondruss

Reference customers

"Bert Kondruss has regularly and successfully advised and accompanied us in matters of digitalization and cyber security. His competent and authoritative manner was helpful to understand the issues well and helped us in our
our decisions very much. We are happy to recommend Bert Kondruss to others."
Management of the EHG Edelstahl Rohrherstellung GmbH


"With his very personal story, he made the complex topic of cybersecurity accessible to every audience member. Great compliments!" - Elke S.
"100% Authentic ! Thank you, you were an asset to our event." - Karsten S.
"From the first to the last second, Bert Kondruss' lecture captivated me. He knows how to bring his subject to the stage in an entertaining way. I look forward to more." - Claudia H.



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